• Kaktus København

    Visual Identity, Art Direction &Webdesign

    Kaktus København (Cactus Copenhagen) is the first Danish concept store focusing on only cacti and succulent plants. The team behind asked for a fresh and modern visual identity, which I made in collaboration with Rasmus Anker.

    The key word for the brand experience became "vertical", inspired by the direction the plants grow. We also wanted to inspire the customers and show them the diversity of the assortment, so we builded unique pedestals for each plant at the photoshoot. In the typography we decided to create tall and narrow columns to strengthen the concept. We selected a simple and readable sans serif typeface for the body text mixed with a unique and organic serif font for headlines.

    The color grading is clean and fresh, in that way we could give the plants a healthy and simple look.

    The logo shows a cactus placed in a abstract pot made of letters. We designed the logo to be dynamic, so it can be used in both a vertical or horizontal context. The logo pattern also works as a 5th element in the visual identity.

    Link to website: Kaktus København